chinese paper rejects comparison between mandela and nobel laureate liu

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canada goose store Daredevil widowed grandma spends her lifesavings on paraglider to take on extreme sport after husband's deathLi Jiaxin took up the extreme sport in 2008 and flew solo for the first time a year later15:26, 8 OCT 2017Paragliding pensioner, 83, takes to the skies to honour wife suffering with Alzheimer's"I found it really interesting that one person can fly overhead in the sky," she told Chinese video news agency CCTV ."I felt that it would be great if I could fly with it. I'm aged, but young in mind. So I took a try."Li set herself a goal to "master" the sport within a year, and in 2009 duly delivered as she flew for the first time by herself."It seems there is not a grandma in Asia as old as I am who can operate a powered paraglider," she added."I am so fortunate to be having a good time at such an old age canada goose store.