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Talk to small firms and they are either turning away business while they struggle with the Goods and Services Tax (GST) or are at their wits end seeking advice.Chartered accountants are in such high demand that they likely command a premium higher than IITians on the marriage market.Exporters waiting for tax refunds from the government are going to be desperately short of working capital over the next couple of months during peak shipment period to Western retailers ahead of Christmas.Garbage collectors have few takers for plastic because firms, which recycle it, are still figuring things out.There will be scapegoating aplenty as people point at the faults of the GST Network, but the real culprit is this government tendency to set unrealistic goals and then charge ahead pell mell ignoring the advice of experts.The genius of the GST structure elsewhere in the world lies in its simplicity, which has been overturned by an in Lutyens Delhi complexity and endless revisions.Contrast India experience with Malaysia timeline for GST, which announced it in October 2013 and followed through with a single six per cent rate on April 1, 2015.Registration of businesses above the threshold for the tax started six months before the launch.Back in March itself, many business confederations in India were pushing for a delay of GST to September 1 because the GSTN was still being tested, enrolment of businesses was lagging and several state governments were not ready.The frenetic activity by the Narendra Modi government has seemed refreshing to many.The government deserves credit for speeding up turnaround times on processing documentation at our ports, pushing ahead with the bankruptcy law and getting GST across the finishing line.But its partiality for what the American management thinkers Jim Collins and Jerry Porras called Big Hairy Audacious Goals is proving a huge handicap.Collins and Porras used the term to describe visionary companies and leaders, who used them as a way of galvanising employees.When such goals lack adequate preparation or are ill conceived to begin with, they remain little more than a wish list.Or worse, upend the stability of the economy. Exhibit A: Demonetisation which, 10 months on, still seems a satire straight out of Rushdie magic realism. Exhibit B: GST, a great idea, Kafkaesquely executed.In April, Reuters quoted officials at the National Mission for Clean Ganga as saying that the 2018 deadline to clean the Ganga was in part because much of the funds had not been disbursed.How much time was required canada goose outlet to clean the Rhine, a giant industrial sewer in 1970? Germany, home to the dynamic Mittelstand and Mercedes, succeeded, but it took decades.The task of ending open defecation by half a billion Indians by Mahatma Gandhi 150th birth anniversary in 2019 is worthy but utterly unrealistic, especially in the absence of constant communication in rural India to use toilets, not just build them.Members of the ruling party keep piling on bombastic claims.

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