It obvious she in bed with oil when she supports such ridiculous ideas. Would have the heart to go against paying for the recovery with every penny that is available. Things must be made right. Public figures like to claim that they're selflessly serving us the little people, their voters and customers and Clinton presents this therapeutic exercise as if she had our emotional health in mind rather than her own. "Maybe it'll help you too," she says when describing how she healed her misery with chardonnay, alternate nostril breathing, and a daily devotional text emailed by her pastor (whose anthology of these missives has just been pulped, since some of his feelgood smarminess was plagiarised). Then she glimpses herself in the mirror and adds: "I doubt that many people reading this will ever lose a presidential election." All commiseration dries up: it's as self regarding a remark as Trump's "I'm the president and you're not", or his smugness when he's given two scoops of ice cream while guests get only one..

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